Frequently Asked Questions

What does the ticket include?

The ticket includes participation in the live event over the three days, a 40 day thoughtfully curated mindfulness, compassion and wisdom practice material before the conference as a pre-conference preparation and an open space session post the conference to connect with people who have similar inquiries that emerge from the three days.

The ticket is the same for any number of days out of the three that you might be able to attend.

The overall intentions of the conference are carefully woven through each channel through the choice of presenters and sessions. Overall, all of us may dive into a similar inquiry although through different channels.

It may feel like you are missing out on something happening in another channel but there is enough scope to experience something similar in every channel. Hence, you are invited to attend sessions in one Channel during the three days.

However, the recorded sessions from other channels will be available for purchase post conference.

Once a ticket is purchased, we will not be able to refund it.

We believe there is a place for everyone in this conference. The channels and sessions offer a variety of ways to delve into Presence based inquiry, Mindfulness, Compassion and Wisdom.

We extend the invitation to anyone who wants to inquire into 'beingness', 'presence' and what it means to live, learn and serve from this space. Inviting all

- Counselors, psychologists, therapists, social workers and other mental health professionals of all modalities and experience levels
- Leaders of schools & educational institutes, teachers, academicians, homeschooling/ unschooling parents and anyone exploring the field of education
- Senior leaders, Managers & HR leads of corporates and Social enterprises
- Business Owners & Self employed professionals
- Coaches, Consultants & Facilitators
- Parents, Couples & Individuals

The sessions will be recorded and the recordings will be available for purchase post the conference. The availability of the recording is subject to permission from the speaker.

Our agenda is still forming and will be available for download later.

Elective sessions are sessions that will run in parallel and you will be invited to choose the sessions of your choice a few weeks before the conference. Some elective sessions have a limited number of participants while some can be opened up to many more. This depends on the type of session and what suits best the its delivery.

Yes, breaks are very crucial for the intention of the conference, to rest, digest, absorb and integrate your interaction with the material during the conference. There will be short transition breaks (15 mins) and longer breaks ranging from 60 min to 2 hours in-between sessions.

Go to the agenda section of your preferred channel in order to see the flow of the day.

There are two reasons for this. Our speakers are live and their locations range across the globe which makes for a significant time difference. Hence, spreading the sessions over the day creates allowance to accommodate them. We also wanted to have enough space between sessions for participants to rest, have their meals and have time to contemplate in order to fully engage with the sessions.

Yes. There will be Q&A in most sessions, while others might have smaller group sharing. We will also come together in smaller groups each day in the evening to share & integrate our learnings. There will also be a virtual open space gathering post the conference. This will enable connecting with other like-minded fellow travelers, deepen inquiry and conversations that arose during the conference and allow for greater unfolding in the community.

Yes. You may use the ‘Gift a ticket’ option.

Gift a ticket is a way by which you can purchase a ticket on behalf of someone you know, perhaps as a heartfelt gesture on their special day or yours :) You can gift a ticket here.

Sorry, the ticket cannot be transferred.

It will be preferable to have a zoom account

The conference is an immersive experience and can be treated as a conference-retreat. It will be best to have set aside the three days for this experience. It will also be good if you can attend the conference using your laptop

Yes, you may write to us at

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